One Call, One Company, Multiple Services!

Moving into your new dream home is wonderful but now you have to go through the uneasiness and possible frustration of having to find, and then coordinate, multiple companies to get the services you want. AIE’s goal is to make this as easy as we can. One phone call can have your Phone, Internet, Cable or Satellite, Security, and Home Electronics scheduled. We will meet with you and go over all the options so you know what the right one is for you.

We design our appointments so you only need to take minimal time away from your busy schedule and have everything connected at once. No waiting for the phone guy and then the security guy, or waiting for the TV to be installed before the HD box can be hooked up. We handle it all, with as little effort from you as possible. We also provide service technicians for the entire project so any upgrades or service issues can be handled by your own personalized project manager and you can work with a familiar face. One call, one company, multiple services, that’s the AIE way!

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Great Job!

Advanced Interior Electronics did AV work on my home recently. The finished product is finally in and it looks and sounds great. My guest always mention their work and how good it looks/sounds.

Thanks for a job well done!!!
- Jim