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In the past Security Companies were flourishing and their customers were paying the price. Hidden contracts and high monitoring were just a few of the reasons why their needed to be a change in the way companies did things. AIE decided to partner with the two of the most reputable and highly regulated alarm monitoring companies in the nation, if not the world. ADT and Monitronics International, have a commitment of safety to each and every customer.

AIE combines that commitment with outstanding service, knowledgeable staff and creative solutions. We offer a variety of solutions depending on the client’s needs but for those on strict budget we can offer completely wireless systems with no need for a phone line for about a dollar a day. Now that’s a great way to have peace of mind without breaking the bank. We provide monitoring services for existing systems, we offer free consultations on whether you’re system should be updated and we sell and install complete new turnkey systems. We also offer the finest security products from Honeywell, GE and DSC. AIE can design, prewire and activate, while and you don’t have to worry about coordinating multiple services and talking to multiple technicians. Again, AIE does it all!

Our surveillance camera packages we use can be designed to monitor your family while you are at work, your home while you are away, or your business. We offer many different options for cameras, and recording devices depending on your budget and requirements. And you can access, control and view your cameras, on-line or on any mobile device worldwide.

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