Technology is in our DNA!

  • Structured Wiring
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Music & Theatre Systems
  • Distributed Audio
  • Acoustical Design
  • Partner - Cox TV, DirecTV & Dish
  • Custom Drywall Niches & Wall Finishes
  • Custom Draping & Shading
  • IT Networks

Advanced Interior Electronics in Tempe, Arizona is a Full Service Home Electronics Provider and offers services like no other company in the Greater Phoenix area . AIE has evolved over the last 7 years and is now actually comprised of two companies under one roof.

The AIE Custom Group is one of the top Custom Audio/Video companies providing all custom services from pre-wire and basic installation through total smart home automation systems and high-end music and film rooms . Our staff consists of highly experienced and passionate system designers and we understand what makes the difference between a good experience and A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

The AIE Commercial Group is a direct business partner with COX communications, DirecTV, Dish Network, Security Systems with Monitoring. So we eliminate the hassle of calling multiple service providers as we coordinate all scheduling, installation and activation of your Home Security Systems , COX Entertainment , Phone or High Speed Internet Services as well as all the High Definition Entertainment packages from COX Cable , DirecTV or Dish Network .

At Advanced Interior Electronics we truly “Bring it All Together” offering consumers a single resource for all their Entertainment , Technology and Security needs. AIE has advanced the way consumers think about home technology!

We do jobs other companies can’t!

Advanced Interior Electronics has a way with wiring. When other companies tell you that it can’t be done or that a room is not conducive to installing speakers, give us a call. There have been countless customers in the past that we have wowed with our creative solutions. We design systems that are right for the space, the room and the acoustics! We select from sound bars, in- wall, in-ceiling speakers, hidden speakers, box speakers, dipole, bipole, dual voice speakers, and concealed subwoofers to provide the perfect sound space!

Our flat panel high definition television installations are as unique as the homes we are in. We use articulating, flat and tilt mounts, recessed mounts and motorized mounts. With the new thin televisions released this year, we can now make televisions look like photo frames and hide all of the DVD players and Cable Boxes in remote locations. We understand the technology behind the different displays and are more than happy to share that information with you at the time of consult.